Commercial Electrical Contractor

Electrical Installation:

This includes the installation of electrical systems, wiring, outlets, lighting fixtures, and power distribution systems in commercial buildings, warehouses, factories, and other industrial facilities.

Electrical Maintenance and Repairs:

Watson Commercial are responsible for the ongoing maintenance and repair of electrical systems in commercial and industrial settings. This ensures the safety and reliability of electrical infrastructure.

Power Distribution:

We design, install, and maintain electrical distribution systems, including panel boards, circuit breakers, and transformers, to ensure that electricity is distributed efficiently and safely throughout the facility.

Energy Efficiency Solutions:

Watson specializes in energy-efficient electrical solutions, helping commercial clients reduce their energy consumption and lower operating costs. This may involve LED lighting retrofits, energy-efficient HVAC controls, and more.

 Lighting Design and Installation:

Watson offers lighting design services to create well-lit and energy-efficient spaces. They install a variety of lighting solutions, including office lighting, industrial lighting, and outdoor lighting.

Data and Communication Wiring:

In today’s digital age, many commercial spaces require data and communication wiring. Watson can install structured cabling systems to support data networks, telecommunication systems, and audiovisual equipment.

Compliance and Safety:

Watson ensures that electrical installations comply with local building codes, safety regulations, and industry standards. Safety is a top priority in commercial electrical work.

Commercial Renovations and Upgrades:

When businesses expand or renovate their facilities and commercial we are often involved in upgrading electrical systems to meet the new requirements.